A collection of the games I’ve made over the years.


A clone of the Game ‘Phobia 2’ that i made using Construct 2. Mainly for testing purposes and to get me used to the engine, but also because the original game hasn’t exactly aged well on new operating systems. It’s a little buggy but it should run without any real issues. Shoot all enemies until you’re dead, and then try to shoot some more.

Into the Wilds

Regularly updated Twine Choose your own adventure game that i regularly update whenever i can be bothered to regularly update it. Click on words until the game tells you you’re done. Enjoy.

To Your Doom (v0.925)

An Endless faller game (like an Endless Runner, but turned ninety degrees clockwise) that i wanted to try and incorporate a storyline into. I guess it’s ascended from alpha to beta as the full trappings of the game are there but it still needs a lot of polish.

Feeding the Velociraptors(DOWN)

My first foray into the joy that is Point and Click. You play a technician in a place that may or may not be similar to a certain Dinosaur based movies during a time of crisis. You must survive at all costs. At all possible costs. Making every single cost possible. If there is a cost to pay, you will cause it to need to be paid, preferably by other people. Why should you have to pay for things? EDIT – turns out the file i have of this is empty of images, so yeah… i need to go find that. EDIT again – so it turns out it’s kind of stupid of me to think this will play if i’ve made it from the trial version of the Visonnaire Game Engine. Just dumping the VED file won’t work. So no game unless i get a full version. Sorry.

Tenchu Clone game (V0101)

My current main project. Very much in the early development stages at the moment Feel free to download if you want a total mess of a game.


The classic Vic20 game. Made in a day to see if i could. Bomb skyscrapers full of what i assume are either pixels or innocent people. You decide! Political correctness be damned, along with the people inside these buildings.