I met up with Lucatiel again today.

She was just standing there as always. I’m beginning to think that she hears me coming and so prepares a posture for me to find her in. She normally seems so aloof and cunning but today   i’m not sure.

The location made it odd. A dark world at the bottom of a bottomless pit, round a tomb filled with just as many large rats as caves (i met the Rat king. Seems nice considering his subjects tried to rend me asunder) in a dark world of filth where forgotten vermins hides. At the very bottom, i found her.

She was muttering something about her brother. Memories of old. She seems concerned that she’s losing them all one by one, starting with the oldest. I’m not sure her concerns are justified. Don’t we all forget stuff as we grow older? It’s like we have to push the old stuff out to allow the new stuff to fit in there. Though studies were never my strong point and i saw little reason to fill up the spaces up there, i know my mind remains intact. It seems this curse we’re afflicted with is starting to get to her, but then i don’t really know how long she’s been here compared to me. Even so, i’m worried for her.

Her fears didn’t dull her blade though. We faced down several monsters together, alongside a giant mess of filth composed of hundreds of the undead. One swirling mass of thrashing arms and putrid vomit. We dispatched it together and she seemed content for a while, though i confess i don’t exactly know how our swords alone defeated it, considering the way its body was made up. Perhaps it was our combined spirit. I hope hers doesn’t waver further.